Hairspray is for those who go out on saturday night and other opinions about drawing
Installation, 2012.
Graphite, motor, chain, laminate flooring, hairspray, sound equipment and 4 channel audio-file.
560 x 820 x 800 cm.

A mirror ball made out off small graphite squares, a hairspray can on the dance floor and a 4-channel audio-file are the base for several opinions about drawing. Not everything is true what you hear about drawing, like; you don't have to fix it with hairspray. While the graphite ball turns you hear from every corner several self-spoken opinions about drawing:
Corner I - Tips & rules for a perfect drawing.
Corner II - Title generator.
Corner III - Inspiration dates (how to collect inspiration).
Corner IV - Bend or abandon rules (a ground rule for drawing).

While dancing, al those rules blend and you hear the outlines for the perfect drawing.