Fons Welters, Amsterdam, 2006.

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Room 140 - Into real and out again
Video installation, 2006.
Various materials.
17:10 min. DVD PAL 4:3.

In the room your standing in a video is shown. Sitting on top of my canvas, I make a drawing of the view behind the screen. When the drawing is finished I use my jigsaw and leave the drawn room. The different dimensions of interpretating the room come together within the action. A connection is made between the room you are standing in, and the one that is drawn.

Site specific editions
Room 88 - Into Real and Out Again, 2006.
DeFKa, Assen. DVD PAL 4:3. 08:21 min.

Room 14 - Into Real and Out Again, 2006.
FMI, Groningen. 14:32 min. DVD PAL 4:3.

Room 158 - Into Real and Out Again, 2008.
Minerva, Groningen. DVD PAL 4:3. 17:11 min.