basement1 (296K)
Basement, Post CS, Amsterdam, 2008. Photos Gert-Jan van Rooij.

basement2 (196K)

basement3 (168K)

basement4 (176K)

basement5 (212K)

Room 5-139 ABC -
a still base of a drawn room

Installation, 2008.
Wood, concrete, wallpaper, laminate, ceiling system and acrylic on canvas.
279 x 525 x 1350 cm.

On the wall stands a couch, against the floor leans a closet and on the ceiling stands a table. On the couch, under the table and behind the closet a painting is placed. The concrete furniture, the floor, the wal and the ceiling are the base for the paintings. The total installation is a cold and distant room on display as my home.